47% increase in SEO Traffic resulted in 102% increase in Online Sales

Wild Creek’s digital marketing strategy produced a 230% increase in SEO traffic in 3 months & 47% increase YoY in Organic SEO traffic leading to 102% increase in online sales.

The Client

Last year, a top FMCG brand reached out to us to help them create a strong online presence. They wanted to establish a solid digital presence, but were struggling to break into the space.

A family run company, it is backed by a rich heritage and strong roots that go back several decades. Having made their foray into food, South Indian cuisine is the focal point of the company’s business. The products are also exported to multiple countries that have Indian population.


The client had built a new e-commerce website, had done a few social media activities but stopped as they were not able to see any traction happening. Predominantly an offline brand, they struggled to make any inroads in the online space and kept changing vendors in order to improve their e-commerce sales.

When the client approached us, they had only one agenda – increase their sales from the eCommerce store.

Challenges identified by Wild Creek:

After a preliminary meeting to understand the requirements, we identified a few more challenges using our Digital Diagnostic Framework.

  1. Technical Glitches – Though the website was built using WordPress, it had its share of technical issues which did not provide a smooth user experience and was hampering the sales.
  2. Lack of any SEO – Though the client had utilized the services of multiple vendors, none of them optimized the website resulting in a gradual loss of SEO traffic.
  3. No Long-Term view – Despite the background, when it came to the online space, the client did not have a clear road map in place for long term growth. This coupled with a lack of digital strategy did not allow them to take timely decisions that would help them to leverage the brand online. Because of this, they failed to lay a strong foundation for their digital assets.

Wild Creek Marketing Strategy and Digital Solution:

Having understood the problem at hand, we implemented our unique 3-Step Strategy named E-A-C to address the challenges faced by the client.

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Step #1 – Education: We understood the top management did not have a proper understanding of how the digital medium worked and what was needed to get things rolling. We presented our audit findings and that helped them understand the implications in detail. We also helped them realize the importance of laying down a strong foundation that was crucial for long term growth.

Step #2 – Action: Our next task was to fix the technical glitches that were causing major issues with the user experience. The site had no optimization done and was extremely slow.

We worked to first fix all the technical glitches and then on improving the SEO.

This had an immediate impact with seo traffic and sales improving slowly.

Step #3 – Consistency:  Consistency is vital to all digital marketing activities. One has to constantly stay at the forefront of the customer mind by reinforcing the brand again and again. Using a combination of social media, branding and SEO, we put together a strategy that helped them to reach out to their customer base on a regular basis.

The above 3-step strategic approach helped the client to also get their Return on Investment (ROI) over and above their initial requirement.


  • 230% increase in seo traffic in 90 days. YoY 47% increase in Organic SEO traffic.
  • 200% increase in audience reach and engagement
  • 102% increase in E-Commerce Sales
  • 58% increase YoY in new users to the website
  • 85% increase YoY in page views

google analytics 702x371 - 47% increase in SEO Traffic resulted in 102% increase in Online Sales
Google Analytics Screenshot of Organic SEO Traffic Increase

sales data - 47% increase in SEO Traffic resulted in 102% increase in Online Sales
eCommerce Sales Data

Wrapping it all up:

The client was extremely happy and acknowledged our approach of going right to the roots to fix issues and creating a customized strategy. With our intervention, the client also realized the immense potential of the brand on the digital medium, which they were unable to envision initially. This has led the brand to broaden its scope and activities on the digital media and be open to explore opportunities to strengthen their name in the digital world.

Wild Creek was able to turn around the digital marketing efforts of the client by improving the UX and increasing the seo traffic which directly resulted in increasing their revenue. Our approach also helped in setting up of a strong foundation that would help them to scale up even further.

If you would like to turn your business around with a digital strategy that produces long-term results,  connect with us to  find out how we can help.