How 400% Traffic Increase in Web Traffic Led to a 250% Rise in Revenue

Overview and Background:

Client S, a famous South Indian movie portal featuring movie news, trailers, and reviews, approached Wild Creek during mid-2016. Driving more traffic to the website and the inability to compete with the big brands in the same sector were the two primary challenges faced by them.  Advertisements on the site were the major source of revenue; hence, their objective was to gain more visitors per day. We focused on the root cause of the issues rather than just working on ad campaigns.

Challenges Identified:

Poorly constructed and unoptimized conditions of the website were identified as underlying issues that need to be addressed first. The targeted audience were netizens from South India and the US in the age group of 15 to 45 years, who mostly used a mobile phone to watch and read movie-related content; but the architecture did not support mobile responsiveness.  These challenges were holding the site back from its fullest potential that resulted in the lack of visibility and ranking in the search engines.

Solutions Implemented:

One of the first things we did was to help them realize that a well-thought-out content strategy is a must to boost the organic traffic of the website. This would be a long-term solution vs. an ad-driven strategy which would invariably be short term.

Given the objectives that needed to be met, Wild Creek followed an extensive and methodical process from start to finish. We built an SEO friendly architecture with a CSS based design for mobile responsiveness.

To set Client S apart from the competitors, we worked to transform the content. We identified long-tail keywords that had reasonably good search volumes and low competition and accordingly streamlined the content. We guided their internal team on the strategies to be followed to keep up the performance in the following months.

Results Achieved:

We were able to scale the site beyond the limitations of the previous system. Over a period of 6 months, page visits skyrocketed to 1,25,000 per day, which directly had an impressive impact by recording a maximum of 250% increase in the revenue.


  • Project duration: 6 months
  • Page Visits: 400% increase
  • Revenue: 250% increase
  • The SEO architecture & methodology adopted in 2016 continues to drive traffic even today.


  1. Content driven strategy provides long term results.
  2. SEO is a long-term strategy that needs a minimum of 6 months to begin showing results

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