The One Action That is Killing Your Brand Online

When you’re born, your first instinct is to survive. Then you must find the meaning of your life. – Arsene Wenger

Creating a brand is easy these days. It involves just these 4 steps:

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Come up with a few crazy ideas to capture attention (something that no one has attempted or simply copy an existing model).
  3. Create a product or service and attach a name to it.
  4. A few go the additional step of finding a kick-ass designer and build a very good brand logo/identity.

And with this, most people believe a brand is born. This couldn’t be further from the truth and completely misses the point behind branding.

Building a brand is like raising a child.

It takes time. It takes a lot of effort. Most of all, it is a long process that requires constant nurturing and learning along with a few sleepless nights.

Most of the times, the name or the identify will only create a first impression. A name and a creative logo can help, but it is no guarantee for success in the real world.

You will have to go deeper to make sure it is successful.

The way your business communicates will have an impact on the future success. It needs to speak the language your customers speak in a clear manner that will make people listen.

Your customer’s experience with your product or service plays an integral role in the overall success of your brand.

Most often business owners cripple a brand by ignoring to nurture it during its stage of growth. Many skip this stage of development completely!

Instead of focusing on a catchy name, flashy design and vanity numbers, start with your brand values, brand experience, and work your way backward.

Rather than focusing on short term success, take some effort and build your brand with a strong foundation that will last for a long time.

Don’t kill your brand by dreaming too small or not daring to dream at all. It is important to dream big. But what’s even more important is to match that dream with action.

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