A Structured ORM Strategy Helps a Company Move from Negative Reviews to 200% Increase in Sales

Client Industry : Jewelry


Client G is a Precious Metals and Gems dealer based out of California. In spite of best quality products, their reputation was beginning to decline because of the false reviews posted by the competitors, which directly affected the sales. Wild Creek worked to restore their credibility in the business and thereby increase sales.

Challenges Identified

Effective usage of social media to create brand awareness was not in place. Whenever someone searched for their business, negative reviews topped the results.  The ratings had begun to dip drastically.

Solutions Implemented

Wild Creek took complete control of their website and digital presence. Firstly, we started tracking and monitoring the opinions posted every day. We interpreted and evaluated the collected data to decide on how to act further. Managing a brand’s reputation is a continuous and cyclical process. So, we devised a strategy and gave out a 12-month action plan. Our focus was to try and negate all the bad reviews and create a positive vibe about the brand by providing dilution & counterpoint, suppression of negative comments, and protection from future problems. We implemented SEO based content and advised on cross-linking.

Results achieved

After working on the areas of content planning, reputation strategy, search engine marketing, and social media for the next nine months, the negative reviews had completely disappeared from the first ten pages of the search results and increased sales by 200 %.


  • Sales increase: 200%
  • Project duration – 9 months
  • Credibility – Increased

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