The Human Touch in Digital Marketing

Touch is the first sense we acquire and is the secret weapon in many a successful relationship.

These days people are on information overload, and if they don’t believe you are trying to solve their problems, make their lives easier, or add value, then your marketing efforts are fruitless.

There are more digital marketing tools than one might need. Get into one of the Facebook groups and in less than 24 hours, you would have a huge list of tools that might take you more than this life to check out.

As marketing technology becomes sophisticated and powerful, more and more digital marketers are increasingly becoming dependent on AI & ML based tools that attempt to “connect” us with our customers.

However all it takes it a strategic change in the way one approaches any digital activity.

If one focuses their marketing on the customer, rather than the technology, you are immediately building meaningful relationships that last longer and stronger.

Next time you decide to do a digital marketing campaign, focus on these three questions:

  • How well do you know your customers?
  • How can you connect with their needs and solve them?
  • How can you establish trust in an overcrowded digital world?

If you would like to know more how you can leverage the power of digital to reach your target customers, talk to us

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