How We Generated 4365 Quality Leads for a client with Wild Creek’s Digital Strategy


We were reached by an author, speaker, trainer and business coach who was finding it hard to generate leads for his training programs and workshops.


The client used digital media to reach his target audience, have more people sign up for his program and to be part of his exclusive group. However, his past investments in digital activities did not yield much success and which was handled by a different agency.


The client approached us to achieve the following targets:

  1. Generate leads for his training programs.
  2. To make more people register for his events
  3. To sign-up for his exclusive groups
  4. To have a cost-effective solution
  5. To Improve and increase his digital presence.

Challenges identified by Wild Creek:

Before taking up the proposition and jumping right into setting up the campaign, we identified a few more challenges using our Digital Diagnostic Framework.

  1. Absence of Appropriate Value Proposition: While our client had crafted his program in a unique manner, we noticed that he missed to exhibit the value proposition to his customers.
  2. Lack of Exhibition of Credibility: The credibility built by the client over the years was not exhibited properly in the social channels.
  3. Not generating quality leads. The activities undertaken earlier had not generated quality leads which led to lack of conversions.

We crafted a strategic solution to handle all the identified challenges.

Wild Creek Strategy and Solution:

As we have mentioned above, our framework begins with identifying more challenges than what is listed by client.

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Having understood the client’s situation, requirements and challenges, their current status and their past approaches for the same challenges, we implemented a unique 3E Strategy to address this case.

3e strategy case study 685x1024 - How We Generated 4365 Quality Leads for a client with Wild Creek’s Digital Strategy
3E Strategy – Case Study

Step 1: The client had built considerable amount of credibility over the years. Our first step was to focus on appropriately showcasing his credibility across the wider area of online media to increase and improve the trust of his existing audience who were already part of his digital assets.

When we did the exercise, the client started seeing his credibility widely exposed to his target audience.

Step 2: We designed creatives and copies that clearly demonstrated the value of the program and also positioned the author carefully to gather and gain the confidence and trust of his target audience.

There was a detailed structuring of social media content management, social media content scheduling and content exhibition strategy to amplify the author’s expertise and capture the attention of the target audience.

Step 3: Designing and developing a tailor-made powerful Landing page and strategizing it in accordance to the specific requirements of the EAT campaign.

This engagement with potential leads enabled our client to create effective conversations and expand the client’s customer base.

The above 3-step EAT approach was a mandate prior to launching the lead generation campaign. This powerful campaign and structured, strategic approach helped our client to specifically and largely gain higher quantity of quality leads which was validated when compared with his earlier activities and associated results towards digital marketing.

The client was highly impressed, happy and also could realize the higher conversion rates with Wild Creek’s strategic approach.

fb screenshot leads - How We Generated 4365 Quality Leads for a client with Wild Creek’s Digital Strategy

Quick Insights on the Campaign:

Total Campaign Impressions: 400,389

Total Quality Leads: 4,365 leads via the campaign.

Client Revenue by engaging Wild Creek as their Digital marketing advisor and executor: INR 30,00,000 (USD 40,000)

Total Reach: 178,064

Lead Conversion Rate: 60% (Nearly 60% of the leads joined the private members only group.)


Ultimately, with a strategic approach and establishing the client’s authority and expertise through the appropriate social channels, Wild Creek was able to turn around the digital marketing efforts of the client and increase their revenue.

If you would like to turn your business around with a digital strategy that produces long-term results get in touch with us for a customized solution.