3 SEO Myths that Everyone Gets Stuck In!

Every time Google updates its algorithm, the SEO world has its fair share of misconceptions and myths. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the startups world. For many bootstrapped startups, SEO is major area of focus. With limited resources and time, they are the most vulnerable as numerous “experts” have weighed in with lots and lots of quick SEO tactics that produce results faster than never before.

Here are the 3 most common SEO myths that most startup companies tend to get stuck in:

Myth #1: SEO is a one-time effort

Most of the time, we are often asked, can i just do SEO once and then come back when required? And my answer all the time will be: “SEO is not a magic wand that you can swirl once and everything is hunky dory.” Building a presence online is a long term process. To build a website that produces results consistently, one needs to plan, strategize, engage in consistent SEO activities – publishing content, building back links and keeping up with the ever changing algorithms.

It takes time and therefore SEO needs to be an ongoing effort.

Myth #2 – SEO is cheap

A good, well-crafted SEO strategy is never cheap. SEO is a complicated and ongoing process that takes a lot of time and efffort. There are several freelancers and agencies that provide backlinks for dirt-cheap rates. Acquiring spammy backlinks can be extremely risky for your website and this can have a long-term impact if Google decides to penalize you.

Where SEO is cheap and low cost is when compared to traditional methods of advertising. An ad on a newspaper, television or radio can run into a 6 figures or more for just one or two times of exposure. Ads on these medium are difficult to measure.

Nearly all forms of SEO activities can be measured and the monthly cost is very less compared to the other forms of traditional advertisements.

Myth #3 – Anyone Can Do SEO

If only this were true, then the world will be filled with only SEO professionals. Just like a doctor or an engineer, one need years of experience to identity what works and what does not work. Though there are several tools that ease the work, it still requires a human brain to sift through all the data and figure out what needs to be done.

The famous dialogue from the movie Skyfall sums it all up:

Q: Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled.
James Bond: Or not pulled. It’s hard to know which in your pajamas.”

Anyone can do SEO but with the ever changing algorithms, you need an expert to decide what will work and what will not.

What is your favorite SEO myth or common misconception? Share them here.

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