Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Praveen is an extremely detailed oriented and straight forward person, who is in for real business. Having known him as a partner, a friend and great father, he is never failed to amaze me. His passion for technology and making ideas to reality is his greatest strength. My wishes and support in all his endeavors!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Praveen and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a SEO expert.
* He is extremely methodical and gave me a detailed plan of what his approach was going to be. He would also keep giving me advice on what other things I can do to improve the search rankings for my website.
* Very communicative. After an initial introductory phone call, all my communication has been over email. He is very proactive and would keep me in the loop on what all work was going on. This makes it very easy to work with him remotely and I didn’t have to waste time in follow-ups and unnecessary phone calls.
* Most importantly, he truly helped us boost our organic search traffic significantly. We noticed a 32% increase in overall traffic in less than 2 months.

Praveen is a cool manager and is ready to take up challenges on managing verticals. From SEO to layout to navigation to promotional strategy to driving traffic…He has good planning skills and he is proactive in his approach. He is definitely one among the good product managers we have and he is a great asset to the company. I wish him the best in all his endeavors.

The one trait that stands out about Praveen is his creativity. He is the ideal guy to have on your team when you are striving to create something refreshingly different. His propensity to give attention to detail coupled with a can-do attitude makes him a valuable ‘must-have’ asset.

Praveen is an expert in creating new things on the web and marketing them. His can-do attitude bundled with his creativity skills makes him a valuable resource in any team. Good thing with him he is always approachable for what ever reason it is. Good friend of mine and hope to see him full filling his dream by running successful web business of his own.

Praveen is a always dynamic and full of ideas .. He always has ideas at the finger tips and ensures they get executed without any delay. One of the best person to work with professionally as well as personally.

Every Company once in a while gets an employee who can wire himself into any department and super charge everyone. Be it work, fun or just staring at the ceiling, Praveen is the man to have around. He is so super charged in his skills that it rubs off easily on everyone. End of day, work is done. One big asset to any team that delivers performance with results. I miss him….

Praveen has amazing knowledge on the domain in which he works as well as the sound technical skills. As a product/ Business folk gives the development team what exactly he is looking for and also understands the developer needs while providing the specs for development. It was really a great experience in working with him in the project. Wishing him all the best for his future deeds

He’s an SEM superstar. He knows his business, he loves what he does, he stays up with the latest techniques, and he gets it done. And he’s a good communicator too. I trusted him and our clients trusted him. If he was on the case, I never got calls from existing clients. That’s a good thing in the agency business.

Praveen (aka Wild Creek Studio) is the best SEO specialists I have ever worked with.  After going through 3 previous SEO employees within one year, I finally contracted Praveen to take care of our high-profile clients.  It turned out to be a very wise decision because he instantly picked up our organic traffic and reassured me that he was a seasoned veteran.  What convinced me that he was the right person for the job was his ability to think of SEO benefits from a development standpoint.

From the onset, Praveen reviewed the websites and made recommendations to integrate dynamic functions, follow SE’s technology changes (such as the introduction of Google’s Caffeine) as well as applying marketing saavy.  It was refreshing to see Praveen interact with the programmers and designers and lead the way for effect and results-oriented SEO.  Apart from his ability to interact and lead, Praveen also showed a good business sense and kept to his word.  He is definitely someone you can depend on.

I recommend him HIGHLY. If you get the chance to work with him, take it.  You won’t be sorry.

Praveen worked with us to figure out a content strategy which helped us grow SEO traffic as well us our social media presence. Praveen is aware of all the latest development in SEO and makes excellent recommendations based on his knowledge and experience. I recommend Praveen to anyone who is looking to grow their organic traffic.