A Global Company Sees 300% Revenue Increase at 50% Lower Advertisement Costs


Client P* is a 120-year old company and is one of India’s largest conglomerate. Their health & wellness brand is among the top names in the segment. For some of the products that were recent launches, the sales were only 200 units per month despite spending more than Rs.15 Lakhs on digital media month-on-month. Wild Creek designed a customized campaign strategy that targeted towards increasing sales which also eventually led to a reduction in the advertisement spend.

Challenges Identified:

The health & wellness products were sold only in the online marketplace and did not any presence in the offline shelves. The product’s visibility was less, and the purchase behaviour of the customers who visited the product was very low.

Solutions Implemented:

We did a complete audit of the practices that were already in place. Based on the thorough research on keywords, competitions and audience, we devised a strategy using Google Ad Words.

The campaign was strategized in such way that the focus was on potential customers and influencing their purchase behaviour.

Results Achieved:

Within 30 days, traffic increased multi-fold and sales skyrocketed to 500 units per month, touching close to 750 units in the succeeding months. Client P’s cost of investment for digital marketing dropped sharply by 50%.


  • Sales: Increased from 200 to 500 and peaked at 750 and continued to average around this number.
  • Increase in sales: 3.5X
  • Cost reduction: 50%
  • Duration for 1st level of impact: 30 days


  1. The whole strategy and consumer behaviour were supported by a strong product that delivered value.
  2. Unless certain amount of brand building activity is done, driving sales through digital medium alone will not generate results. In this case, the client had a strong brand value and credibility and therefore, accelerating their digital presence became a bit easier.

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*Client names are undisclosed for confidentiality purposes.